Live! - The Last Minute Sessions

by Bäitoník Configuration

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    The first gig of any band or tour is always a slightly fraught affair; anything that can go wrong probably will. Gear will futz, fingers and feet will lie to their owners and the sound could well be unsound with the task of presenting about one hour of very challenging music.
    Understandably perhaps, these versions of Utterances of Emergence During Daytime and Lied Notturna (second movement) are not perfectly performed, but is not impediment to really enjoy the music and understand the unique fearless daring sound Bäitoník Configuration is pursuing.
    The band audibly settle into the gig during the mad saxophone/trumpet solo during UEDD and you can hear them really enjoying a high-rolling ending of the whole section after the gentle piano solo.
    The second movement of Lied Notturna is a ~45-minute long piece divided into 7 parts. Mixing free improvisation with highly structured compositions, this piece is quite a challenge to play (and to listen to, for sure!).
    A "slow burning" beginning leads to Part 3: Zôrtsüng, that represents something like a "rock-out" moment which is no bad thing. But the band really get their collective teeth with lots of improvisation into the Three Visions (Parts 4-6).

    Overall verdict: a band in the process of arriving but not quite all at the same time. Presenting an unusual repertoire of unpredictable and complex music.

    Frank B.

    They reach a very powerful Zeuhl trance.
    The bass lines have a crude simplicity and an itinerant rhythmic.
    The horns are full of THC: they are ruthless, savage and merciless, but gentle at the same time.
    The drumming marches are precise and united with the piano's rhythm... they mesh up well and reach a superb atmosphere.
    The guitar lines drove me insane! it's like a fly buzzing in your ear.
    The voices are captivating; contributing warmth to the trance.
    I really enjoyed the recording, looking forward for more!

    Edu Cabrera (Bass, Drums & Voice - Caballo de Feria)
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Recorded live by Frank B. with band's permission.
This is an (un)official bootleg recording.


released November 11, 2010

Track 1:
Lisa Cantrell - Piano
Viridiana Benitez - Trumpet
Stephen Harms - Cello & Bass
Ricky Peden - Drums & Guitar
Francisco J. Parada - Saxophones & Flute

Music written by Francisco J. Parada
Arrangements by Bäitoník Configuration

Track 2 - 8 (Second Movement of Lied Notturna):
Lisa Cantrell - Piano & Voice
Viridiana Benitez - Trumpet & Percussion
Stephen Harms - Cello & Bass
Ricky Peden - Guitar & Bass
Francisco J. Parada - Drums, Saxophones, Flute & Voice

Music written by Francisco J. Parada
Arrangements by Bäitoník Configuration
Tracks 4 & 8: Special thanks to José Parada, Bruno Salas, Valentina Maza & Jorge Galvez.

Bäitoník Configuration Ambigram by Matt Hurley



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Bäitoník Configuration Bloomington, Indiana

Viridiana Benitez (trumpet), Stephen Harms (cello/bass), and Francisco J. Parada formed Bäitoník Configuration in 2010 while living in Bloomington, IN. USA.
They went on a hiatus in 2012.
A posthumous album will be released in 2015 (

Francisco J. Parada's new projects:

Stephen Harms' new project:
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